Lyophilizate based on organic sauerkraut juice Probiotic natural – 60 capsules x 300 mg

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Diet supplement

60 capsules x 300 mg


small size – there is no need to drink 1-2 glasses of juice

condenced vitamin and other nutrients helpful for the body

pickled veggies and fruits are becoming very popular

best way for people who can’t drink or eat pickled foods due to gastrointestinal problems

capsules are made only from plants ingredients and have a cellulose coating so they are suitable for vegans

quality guarantee

made of carefully selected varieties of fruit and vegetables on properly prepared soil (patent claim)


- Has a positive effect with protection against cancer (mainly breast cancer).

- Supports the proper secretion of digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid by regulating the proper pH of the stomach.

- Helps in cleaning the digestive tract from putrefactive bacteria.

- Naturally rich source of sulfur, calcium, potassium, vitamin C and selenium compounds.


Nowadays pickled products are becoming very popular. Unfortunately not everybody can drink or eat them without gastrointestinal irritation. Our suplements are the best way to get yourself a dose of it.

As the producer says all products are made by using the fiber of original variety of Gold Milenium® apples. They introduced bioactive active compounds in the form of dietary supplements made on the base of vegetable and fruit functional food of organic origin. They get most of the raw materials from their own organic farm which is controlled by a certifying body (Bioekspert).

Due to the lowest levels of heavy metals, industrial pollution, pesticides and other toxic chemicals, they produce in the areas of the Knyszyn and Bialowieza Primeval Forests. This is why the raw materials used in the production of this supplements have the highest quality.

Thanks both to the proper method of soil preparation as well as to the proper choice of vegetable and fruit varieties used in the production of biopreparations, this supplements feature a stable level of antioxidants.

Both the bacteria used in the biopreparations production and the production technology of dietary supplements have been patented.

Each product released to the market has been tested with regard to the heavy metals, pesticides, bioactive compounds (fitamins) content. Also the basic microbiology levels was checked.

The viability of probiotic bacteria in preparations is between 90 and 95%

Supplements show very wide spectrum of health-supporting activities which have been identified by researches and publications.

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