AQUA SOOL Curcumin (1)

AQUA SOOL Curcumin

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AQUA SOOL Curcumin

Diet supplement

Net volume 10 ml

The product is intended for adults

Micellized product - the curability of curcumin is higher than traditional solid forms.

Ingredients: water, stabilizers: acacia, glycerol and vegetable resin esters; Turmeric rhizome extract (Curcuma longa L.)

Recommended Daily Serving: 2x5 drops = 250 mg Curcuma Longa extract, including 25 mg curcumin

Usage: add to water or juice and drink. (Shake before use)

Do not exceed the portion recommended for consumption during the day. Dietary supplements cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Store at <25 oC, out of reach of children.

Characteristics: gluten-free, lactose free, does not contain preservatives, suitable for vegans

The award-winning and patented micellisation process makes fat-soluble substances water-soluble. The micellized curcumin extract is much better absorbed by the body.

Manufacturer: AQUA MEDS GmbH, Lederergasse 35, 1080 Vienna, Austria

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