About AQUASOOL products

The future of bioavailability

AQUASOOL products are an absolute novelty on the market of health products and dietary supplements. Their innovation is based on a patented Swiss micellisation procedure. Due to the unique technology, bioavailability and bioavailability of the received compounds is much better.

Micellisation is one of the ways to significantly increase the absorption of nutrients. It is based on transforming the molecules of a given compound into a form that dissolves in water and is therefore much easier for the body to absorb. Micelles completely dissolve in water and provide much better and faster absorption and penetration of active ingredients.

The technology used in the production of AQUASOOL creates completely new possibilities in the absorption of compounds contained in supplements and pharmaceuticals. It enables the transport of fat-soluble substances so that they pass quickly and completely through cell membranes. What's more, it provides effective and precise dosing.

All AQUASOOL products:

  • is characterized by high bioavailability due to its solubility in water
  • were created based on patented and award-winning technology
  • consist of the highest quality raw materials - the products are made in Switzerland
  • they contain only natural ingredients, without polysorbates and other substances harmful to health
  • are vegan products, without preservatives
  • they are free of lactose, milk proteins and sugar